A few minutes ago, I sat down with an intelligent young man who self identifies as a socialist. After talking to him for about half an hour and hearing his opinions on the apathetic nature of our college campus, and generation, I was inspired to search for an read some books on student movements in the United States. I also plan to read some essays and other works by Baldwin. And, to top it all off, I came across this article from the Washington Post. Oh, so fitting.

Katrina update

A unique view of the anti-abortion demonstrations today

Keep up the good work Jews!

The keepers of the European American Issues Forum (eaif) on their website has a link to a petition urging people to force the Justice Department to review the Anti Defamation League because, as the petition reads, the League may be engaging in "purposeful encouragement of hatred and violence against European Americans"

Now, I thought the biggest threat to Jews were lunatics in the Middle East who seek to destroy Israel at all costs. The next biggest threat - in the United States, at least - would probabaly be the Holocaust revisionists who seek to change historical data and records to suite their own twisted agendas. Last year, I did a report on the movement and found that it was very widespred especially in academia.

I support the work of the Anti-Defamation League and hope that they continue the fight against elements in our society who threaten the very fabric of multiculturalism and promote hate.

In keeping with that sentiment, tonight I came across a link on Laura Ingraham's website (Forgive me, I'm really trying to understand the Right....though Laura is beyond anything associated with mainstream conservatism) leading to an article in the Baltimore Sun about 'whiteness studies.' Apparently it's the newest hit thing in multicultural studies. As of now, from the little reading I have done, I think it is something that should be explored. There is something about it though that doesn't sit entirely well with me now. Nontheless, it is an issue that I will try to find more information on. A google search of 'whiteness studies' will offer a variety of basic sources on the issue, some of which seem quite good.

The Onion

Cheating with essays

That's not kool.

On Alito, this opinon hits the nail squarely on the head.

Kennedy is still my hero

So, in an effort to be more open to new and different ideas, a few minutes ago, I visited the page of the Washington Times and found this article on the front page regarding Senator Edward Kennedy. The article alledges that Mr. Kennedy is a member of an exclusive club at Harvard University that refused to allow women.
The author of the Washington Times piece however failed to make a distinction - Alito's club wanted to exclude women and minorities from Princeton University while the Owl Club refused women membership not from the University but from the club.

Although this means nothing to anyone, I support the confirmation of Alito. Given the current President and the current Congress, I don't think another nominee as well qualified as Alito and with his percieved fairness when it comes to the law, will come before the Committee to fill this vacancy. Yes, he's conservative but I think he's worth the risk.

Screw the hearings

I've become disgusted with the whole nomination process. It has become extremely partisan and childish. The Republicaan Senators have forgotten their roles and have made this struggle for Alito personal. The Democrats will be harsh because they're supposed to be. The nominee strays in many ways from their judicial and political philosophies and so, naturally, conflicts will arise, however the sucking up that the Republicans are doing in no way exempliy the 'adivise and consent' provision. There are times when Republican senators refuse to even ask questions - they spend their allotted time rebutting the Democrats when that is the job of the Nominee. He just sits there, his wife behind him with that half grin on her face while others are doing his job for him.

Simply disgusting. This has nothing to do with political parties. If the Democrats did this, I would be upset as well.

This wonderful political process has digressed, rather quickly, to politics as usual.

Today on the Hill

Scott McClellan, White House press secretary today said that in a speech that Bush is going to give tomorrow to veterans, he'll tell them (and the American people) what to expect in Iraq in 2006.

Now, if Bush has been wrong on just about everything so far, how on Earth can he predict what will happen in Iraq in 2006, unless, granted, he will say we will lose the conflict, which he won't.

The official confirmation proceedings took off today. I like the argument made by the Democrats about the hasty removal of Miers without her even appearing before the Senate. I think that is a good example of judicial activism on the part of the Right. They raised a fuss because they had issues with the way she would vote. If they're all praising Alito, is he a suck up for the extreme Right?

The senator from Texas, Mr. Conyn, said that he was against judicial activism but then he asserted that when Alito is confirmed, he should 'persuade his colleagues' to support the keeping of religious expression in the public sphere. If that isn't judicial activism, I don't know what is.

Boy, U crazy!

A New York Times article today says that there are pros and cons regarding young people who do daring things - like the Florida teen who traveled solo to Iraq (Kuwait) to see how democracy is coming along there.

As an adolescent, my view may be biased, but I take the opinon of the psychologist who asserts that such dearing endevours should be lauded. I see nothing wrong with what the kid did. His age and the fact that he had to be aided by his parents, journalists, marines and the Dep. of State doesn't leave him with much credit but I think it says a lot about the state of affairs there and about journalism in general.

It is evident that the press or the United States government have failed to present an accurate picture of what is taking place in Iraq. Just last night CNN Headline News aired a segment about the Iraqi Prime Minister saying that a new government could be formed within the next few days. That is a segment of news that I've been hearing for the last few months.

Fox continues to devote its time to praising the US effort in Iraq while other networks' and sources' evaluations prove that there are many things wrong with the (fledgling?) democracy.

To some the actions of this young teen may be irresponsible and stupid, but I see it as something more. The young man was motivated to do what he did by the journalism class that he is taking in his high school. Kudos to the teacher and curriculum for making such an impact in his life. Wherever the teen's interest may lie in terms of career etc...if he does decide to pursue journalism, I have faith that there might be some hope left for this profession that has now become an anything-but-professional enterprise.


Lock up abortionists, says Archbishop - Jamaica Observer

Sen. Kennedy's opinion on Alito

Oh Edward, you're so damn hot!

Alito's Credibility Problem

first angry post

today a bunch of 'African American leaders' including kenneth blackwell met and held a press conference in support of Alito.

when a washington post reporter asked one of them about the congressional black caucus' opposition to alito, one of the men said that the caucus was also against a black judge (Justice Brown) and supported filibustering her.

these republicans accuse democrats and liberals of playing the race card, but here, in this most blatant way, they are the ones using the race card. the black caucus is supposed to, in their opinion, support all black judges who come up for confirmation because of the colour of their skins and not their philosophy and judicial practices.

i don't know much about alito; he seems like a bore. he actually seems more qualified than roberts. i have nothing against him, i am against 'african american (religious) leaders' who have fallen into the trap of using religion to supress everyone else. now that the turbulent 60's are a thing of the past, the flagrant intolerance imbedded in african american culture - like hating gay people are coming to light.

ok, maybe that was harsh.
wow, when did i become so damn mean?

Smart people really piss me off

Florida Supreme Court Strikes down voucher program.

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