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A New York Times article today says that there are pros and cons regarding young people who do daring things - like the Florida teen who traveled solo to Iraq (Kuwait) to see how democracy is coming along there.

As an adolescent, my view may be biased, but I take the opinon of the psychologist who asserts that such dearing endevours should be lauded. I see nothing wrong with what the kid did. His age and the fact that he had to be aided by his parents, journalists, marines and the Dep. of State doesn't leave him with much credit but I think it says a lot about the state of affairs there and about journalism in general.

It is evident that the press or the United States government have failed to present an accurate picture of what is taking place in Iraq. Just last night CNN Headline News aired a segment about the Iraqi Prime Minister saying that a new government could be formed within the next few days. That is a segment of news that I've been hearing for the last few months.

Fox continues to devote its time to praising the US effort in Iraq while other networks' and sources' evaluations prove that there are many things wrong with the (fledgling?) democracy.

To some the actions of this young teen may be irresponsible and stupid, but I see it as something more. The young man was motivated to do what he did by the journalism class that he is taking in his high school. Kudos to the teacher and curriculum for making such an impact in his life. Wherever the teen's interest may lie in terms of career etc...if he does decide to pursue journalism, I have faith that there might be some hope left for this profession that has now become an anything-but-professional enterprise.

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