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today a bunch of 'African American leaders' including kenneth blackwell met and held a press conference in support of Alito.

when a washington post reporter asked one of them about the congressional black caucus' opposition to alito, one of the men said that the caucus was also against a black judge (Justice Brown) and supported filibustering her.

these republicans accuse democrats and liberals of playing the race card, but here, in this most blatant way, they are the ones using the race card. the black caucus is supposed to, in their opinion, support all black judges who come up for confirmation because of the colour of their skins and not their philosophy and judicial practices.

i don't know much about alito; he seems like a bore. he actually seems more qualified than roberts. i have nothing against him, i am against 'african american (religious) leaders' who have fallen into the trap of using religion to supress everyone else. now that the turbulent 60's are a thing of the past, the flagrant intolerance imbedded in african american culture - like hating gay people are coming to light.

ok, maybe that was harsh.
wow, when did i become so damn mean?

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