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The keepers of the European American Issues Forum (eaif) on their website has a link to a petition urging people to force the Justice Department to review the Anti Defamation League because, as the petition reads, the League may be engaging in "purposeful encouragement of hatred and violence against European Americans"

Now, I thought the biggest threat to Jews were lunatics in the Middle East who seek to destroy Israel at all costs. The next biggest threat - in the United States, at least - would probabaly be the Holocaust revisionists who seek to change historical data and records to suite their own twisted agendas. Last year, I did a report on the movement and found that it was very widespred especially in academia.

I support the work of the Anti-Defamation League and hope that they continue the fight against elements in our society who threaten the very fabric of multiculturalism and promote hate.

In keeping with that sentiment, tonight I came across a link on Laura Ingraham's website (Forgive me, I'm really trying to understand the Right....though Laura is beyond anything associated with mainstream conservatism) leading to an article in the Baltimore Sun about 'whiteness studies.' Apparently it's the newest hit thing in multicultural studies. As of now, from the little reading I have done, I think it is something that should be explored. There is something about it though that doesn't sit entirely well with me now. Nontheless, it is an issue that I will try to find more information on. A google search of 'whiteness studies' will offer a variety of basic sources on the issue, some of which seem quite good.

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