Screw the hearings

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I've become disgusted with the whole nomination process. It has become extremely partisan and childish. The Republicaan Senators have forgotten their roles and have made this struggle for Alito personal. The Democrats will be harsh because they're supposed to be. The nominee strays in many ways from their judicial and political philosophies and so, naturally, conflicts will arise, however the sucking up that the Republicans are doing in no way exempliy the 'adivise and consent' provision. There are times when Republican senators refuse to even ask questions - they spend their allotted time rebutting the Democrats when that is the job of the Nominee. He just sits there, his wife behind him with that half grin on her face while others are doing his job for him.

Simply disgusting. This has nothing to do with political parties. If the Democrats did this, I would be upset as well.

This wonderful political process has digressed, rather quickly, to politics as usual.

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