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Scott McClellan, White House press secretary today said that in a speech that Bush is going to give tomorrow to veterans, he'll tell them (and the American people) what to expect in Iraq in 2006.

Now, if Bush has been wrong on just about everything so far, how on Earth can he predict what will happen in Iraq in 2006, unless, granted, he will say we will lose the conflict, which he won't.

The official confirmation proceedings took off today. I like the argument made by the Democrats about the hasty removal of Miers without her even appearing before the Senate. I think that is a good example of judicial activism on the part of the Right. They raised a fuss because they had issues with the way she would vote. If they're all praising Alito, is he a suck up for the extreme Right?

The senator from Texas, Mr. Conyn, said that he was against judicial activism but then he asserted that when Alito is confirmed, he should 'persuade his colleagues' to support the keeping of religious expression in the public sphere. If that isn't judicial activism, I don't know what is.

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