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Wow. I have been doing a very poor job with this blog. I need to take time out to actually write things as opposed to simply posting links.

Gonzales was on the Hill today to defend the President's domestic spying program and it was nice to hear that some Republican senators really hit him with hard questions which stands in contrast to the cuddling relationship that they seem to have with Bush officials.

Muslims all over the world are expressing outrage at the depictions of Muhammed in Dutch papers. As much as I disagree (I haven't seen them because mainstream papers like the New York Times feel that they can cover the story without using them) with the pictures, I think that the ability of the press to remain free and independent is crucial to democractic processes worldwide. I hope they exercise more discretion in the future. This would be a great opportunity for the Bush Administration to do something to reiterate the point that it does not promote such anti-Islamic sentiments. So far, they have simply been churning out press releases. Good job Mr. Bush and company.

I still believe Rove is a childmolester.

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