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So I pulled an all-nighter for no apparent reason. It could be the biggest blunder of my semester yet...actually, no. I had a very fun conversation with a friend of mine, and a few minutes before six this morning, I finished, Interpreter of Maldies, which is the best collection of short stories that I have read in a long time. Then, at 8:15, I was draggging myself across campus to hand in a paper that was due in a mailbox by the earliest 8:30. I wanted to get there early because I didn't want to wait and chat with the profs. who were going to be there. Jumped back in bed, woke up at 2, got some lunch and now I'm ready to tackle American Modernism for my exam at 8:30 in the morning. And, in being clear, I haven't even began to pack yet.

So, apparently we're friends with Lybia again and Bush wants to send troops to the border with Mexico. Personally I think those damn Canadians are a bigger threat. I mean, everyone's afraid of Mexico, before spring break, the health centre at my college advised students about the hazards of unsafe drinking water there. Seriously, if you were a terrorist trying to get across the border into the US, would you risk getting ill off some drinking water, or a smooth ride through Canada? Ok, that my have been borderline something. I am National Security's best friend though, I promise. Hail America.

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