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So, I'm here at the comp trying to write a paper for Native American literature. It's due tomorrow (actually it was due about 2 weeks ago, but we'll get into that later) but since I have ADD (yet to be diagnosed) I went on facebook, which took me to Fox News' group, which took me to the webstite, which took me to a 'speakout' section on the NSA and I decided to add my incoherent two cents. It goes as follows:

If I were President, I would place certain restrictions on what the NSA is allowed to do with respect to spying on US citizens. I light of September 11th and other plots and threats that have been launched against the US since, I understand that the world in which we live in today is vastly different from that of the last decade, or even the last five years. However, the beauty about this nation, and the reason, I believe why it has continued to survive and withstand the test of time, is because certain unwavering principles are in place. Every generation creates a new set of obstacles that must be overcome, yet, the US political system asserts flexibility to overcome those problems and stands inflexible against the deterioration of other staple institutions and ideas. The ability to do these two things, often simultanously, has been the crux of the survival of this great country. Domestic spying erodes one of the cornerstone principles of this great democracy. Disrespecting citizens by violating their right to privacy may seem like the best reaction in light of recent world events, but it will not help to preserve our democracy. Broaching this subject requires an evaluation of the current situation as well as repercussions. Finding other means to deter terror is safter for this country in the long run.

This was my first time writing to Fox so...yeah. Ok, back to discussing Native Americans.

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