Just started Boykin's latest book. So far, he's been very clear in pointing out that the way in which 'down low' is popularly defined can be flawed by presenting a variety of examples of down low behaviour that do not fit the 'black gay men sex with straight women' model. However, he has failed to present an alternative plausible explanation, thus far, as to the reason(s) behind the rise in HIV infections among African American women for some time.

The reading continues.

It's 5:30 AM and I can't sleep. I am currently reading The Story of a Modern Woman by Dixon but became frustrated. I love books that disguise the messgaes they are trying to relay. Dixon is rather explicit. There are times when she deviates from the story and yells her message as if she assumes her audience too stupid not to get it by any other means.

So, I came here. I am really impressed by my last post. I haven't been on this site in a while and I think I actually gave that post some thought. Quite an improvement.

So, I drank last night which means that I should be sleeping heavily at the moment but in my drunken stupor, I decided to have some pepsi when I got in this morning and, like last night, the damn thing is keeping me up.

Anyway, I realy don't have anything to say. I would just like to do something @ the moment than read Dixon's tirades, and watch the television. There are a lot of books in my closet, some of which are anthologies that I could pull down and read but that seems a bit much at the moment. This is laziness to the extreme.

I do plan to get some work done today though, despite my current state. Ah what the the hell, I'll return to Dixon and pray that I fall asleep eventually.

Ok, so this was a waste of time.

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